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  • Noel Dolotallas

How does it feel to ride with?

Basically - AMAZING ! I don't need to say anymore. Don't try one or you WILL want one !!

For me, post down, it was nice to have the rearward tilt i'm used to with the WU. It's only when you don't have that you forget how much extra space there is to move around with the back of the saddle a few more CM's out of the way.

The biggest thing though is when climbing ! On an EMTB you find yourself regularly climbing more challenging and steeper trails than you would normally. Correct body position is vital, you're constantly adjusting to balance traction with control whilst trying to keep those hands lose and relaxed.

With the SwitchGrade tilted forwards, your body position and the angle of your spine are placed in a far more natural and efficient position for effective climbing. Climbs where you're normally working hard to keep the front down, whilst stopping the rear spinning up, are taken with relative ease ! You have more traction, more control and your grip relaxes as if you're on the flat. This gives you more energy to focus on your lines, more confidence and time to pick alternative lines and the more consistent traction enables you to climb faster and apply more power.



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