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The Straight Goods

We are a consortium of outliers. Radical thinkers. Dreamers. Doers.


Aenomaly is not your typical component or accessory brand. Our goal is to focus on fringe developments. Think "radical" before the word wore threadbare. We are riders with the passion and the nerve to pursue cycling innovations that make you take pause.


Our debut product, the SwitchGrade, was cherry-picked to showcase our way of thinking and to lay down the essence of our brand. It embodies all that we stand for: groundbreaking innovation, undeniable function, bold design aesthetics, and precision engineering. But most importantly, the SwitchGrade, like all of our thoroughly researched concepts, is a sleeper: you likely won't know you need it until you've learned what it does.


While we are inspired by the masters in our field, our mission at Aenomaly is to create our own blue oceans and dive headlong into the waters of uncharted imagination.


That journey is just beginning and we're inviting you along for the ride.

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Guy has idea.

Feebly sketches sketchy sketch.

Guy sits on idea, thinking, "how the heck do I make this  happen"

Time flies.

Flies some more.

Years later Guy gets inspired to do something about it.

But new career gets in the way.

Time flies. 20 years to be exact.

Career is on fire.

Finds and marries 'The One', sows seeds (who are budding young riders I might add). Builds happy home.

Canadian dream achieved.




But 'The One' convinces Guy to chase his passion and entrepreneurial dreams (she's very persuasive). 

So he does some research.

Lots and LOTS of research.

Discovers people actually LIKE the idea and would (gulp) pay money for it?!?

Guy hires smart engineer to build working concept. Finds it tests pretty...ok. Enough to build on.

So more prototypes. And tests.

Then more and better prototypes.

And more tests.

Learning and iterating with each new revision.

Things seem peachy.


Until they're not.


HUGE hurdles loom.

Turns out breakthrough innovation is hard.





No examples to go by.

Zero standards to limit possibilities. Virtual wild west.

Things look bleak.

Then Covid-19 hits.

Double whammy.

Maybe career-life isn't so bad afterall...

Maybe life as an executive (AKA corporate shill) does have its upsides.

Big moola and steady pay.

Job security bar none.

Everyone laughs at your jokes.

Guy should "just be happy with life".

But isn't.

So gets back on the horse.

Finds another smart guy to add to the team.

An industrial designer with a penchant for mechanical design and robotics.

Just so happens to be a fellow two-wheeled enthusiast with a nose for steep, gnarly lines. Huge bonus.

Hurdles after hurdle met.





More prototypes.

And more testing.

News breaks out on Pinkbike about what we're up to.

Instagram blow up. Internet lights up.

The stars are aligned.

Then "THE" Stars" align.

Matt Hunter

Reece Wilson Yoann Barelli

Would seem our research was spot on. Got us a winner.

Validation complete.

And just like that, the SwitchGrade is born.

Now the real journey begins.


The Straight Goods.


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