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SwitchGrades come in a four (4) versions, each designed to be compatible with a specific range of seatposts. Be sure to select the correct Type (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, or Type 4) from the drop-down list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The provided table is strictly a fitment and compatibility guide. The model year shown in brackets above indicates the model year of the particular seatpost that was tested for fitment compatibility. SwitchGrades feature a universal design and may be backward and/or forward compatible, but unless indicated, we cannot guarantee whether a particular seatpost model year is compatible with respect to fit. All compatibility and fit determinations have been observed solely by Aenomaly Constructs. Use of a SwitchGrade may void any warranty a User has with the original part manufacturer. Ultimately it is the User's responsibility to satisfy themselves on whether a seatpost and/or saddle, whether individually, or in combination, will be compatible with a SwitchGrade.

NOTE: If you do not see your fixed or dropper seatpost listed in the table we cannot confirm compatibility. That is not to say your seatpost is not compatible, however, we just have not investigated compatibility yet. Our definition of "compatible" is limited only to fit and installation on a noted seatpost. Certain combinations of frame seat tube angle, seatpost head design, and desired tilt may work better on one frame vs. another.

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Seatpost Brand (model year verified)


Base Scallop Configuration


BikeYoke Revive (2020) Type 4 N / A (preset)
BikeYoke Divine (2022) Type 4 N / A (preset) New!
Bontrager Drop Line (2018) Type 1 Front B / Rear C Not compatible with Line Elite (air)
Brand X Ascend (2019)

Type 1

Front B / Rear C

Similar to TranzX YSP23J

Canyon Iridium (2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C
Chromag Dolomite Type 1 Front B / Rear C
eThirteen Vario (2020) Type 2 Front B / Rear C
Fox Transfer (pre-2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C Note: the "T" shaped posthead may limit the range of tilt adjustment especially in cases where a rider has a bike with a slack actual seat tube angle (eg. 65-73 degrees). Riders may want to consider custom shims to increase the range of tilt adjustment.
Fox Transfer (2021) Type 3 Front A / Rear C Requires use of custom barrel nuts, supplied with Type 3 orders
Giant Contact Switch (2021) Type 5 N / A (preset)  New! Giant Contact Switch installation requires the use of a Shim (included with purchase).
Giant Contact S Switch (2021 Type 5 N / A (preset) New! Giant Contact S Switch installation requires the use of a Shim (included with purchase).
KS Lev Integra (2020)  Type 2 Front B / Rear C
KS Rage (2021) Type 2 Front B / Rear C
Manitou Jack (2022) Type 4 N / A (preset) New!
OneUp V2 (2020) Type 1 Front B / Rear C Requires use of vinyl end cap, supplied with all orders. May require installation of rubber limiters for air valve, included with purchase.
Orbea OC2 (2021) Type 2 Front B / Rear C
PNW Loam (2020) Type 1 Front B / Rear C

Requires use of vinyl end cap, supplied with all orders. May require installation of rubber limiters for air valve, included with purchase.

Similar to TranzX YSPI08A.

PNW Coast (2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C Similar to TranzX YSP30
Raceface Aeffect R (2019) Type 1 Front B / Rear C
Raceface Turbine R (2021) Type 3 Front A / Rear C Requires custom barrel nuts, supplied with Type 3 orders
Raceface Turbine R (2019) Type 1 Front B / Rear C Similar to Fox Transfer (2019)
Rockshox Reverb Stealth (2019) Type 2 Front B / Rear C
Rocky Mountain Toonie Drop (2021) Type 2 Front B / Rear C
Satori Sorata Pro (2021) Type 2 Front B / Rear C
Scada Relevo (2020) Type 1 Front A / Rear D
SDG Telis (2021) Type 2 Front B / Rear C
Syncros Duncan 2.0 (2020) Type 1 Front B / Rear C Similar to TranzX
TranzX YS105 (2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C
TranzX YSI08A (2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C
TranzX YSP18 (2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C
TranzX YSP23J (2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C
TranzX YSP30 (2021) Type 1 Front B / Rear C
X Fusion Manic (2021) Type 2 Front B / Rear C

NOTES: the X Fusion Manic posthead design may limit the tilt adjustability of the SwitchGrade when paired with bikes with a slack ACTUAL seat tube angle. Reported issues:

  • X Fusion Manic + Marin Mount Vision
  • X Fusion Manic and 2021 Specialized Enduro
Based on your bike's actual seat tube, you may want to consider purchasing a compatible shim to increase tilt adjustment.
YT Postman (2021) Type 2 Front B / Rear C Similar to SDG Tellis


At this time SwitchGrades are not compatible with:

  • RockShox AXS
  • Bontrager Line Elite (air)
  • Shimano Koryak
  • Crank Brothers Highline 7
  • 9Point8 Fall Line
  • KS Lev Integra (pre-2020 models)
  • Wolf Tooth Resolve