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Scott Pratico
Game Changey

This is for my 2023 Devinci e Troy. I love the technical climb aspect.of e bikes so this just made sense to me. Unboxing was awesome. This is functional bike jewelry. Chris King level fit and finish. Really nicely executed piece of kit. Skimmed the destructions and had it mounted in 20 minutes. Proceded to on site a test climb I rarely clean. Marveled at how quickly i was setting any of the three positions on the fly. It just plain works. Decending is also improved with the saddle tilted back like a DH sled. Both extreme positions increase control of the bike in steep terrain whether up or down. Its immediately obvious this is a bit of a game changer. I would ride without an aenomoly, unlike a dropper, which is a must have. That said theres never been a way to tilt your saddle before. Theres no quick release to replace the switchgrade. I think this product will become a must have over time. I also have an acoustic Devinci Troy RR that will be getting a switchgrade in the spring. It's that good.

Would I change anything? Yes. Make it spring back to center on its own and make the trigger more ergo, like a wolftooth lever.

Andrew Hardy
What a rad idea!

I ride nearly every day, owning a Kenevo SL and T.E.M.P.O, I spend a lot of time in the sadle, and not only does the switchgrade help with steep climbs but giving the ability to adjust for different sections of a long ride helps with comfort of the big fella downstairs as well. 5 stars.

Normandy Reyes
Functional Luxury

Was a little reluctant at first due to price but I’m very happy with it after a few rides. Great to be able to switch angle on long ascend as I notice I’m putting down consistent power without my legs and butt tiring too soon. Definitely a good investment if it’s within your budget.

Martin Béland
Efficace !

J’adore mon SwitchGrade. Améliore la position lors des montées. La selle devient plus confortable et les coups de pédales plus efficaces ! Même chose pour les descentes, on se rapproche du positionnement des MTB de descente.


Well, I knew there will be some benefits but honestly it turned out to be WAY WAY WAY better than I expected. It helps with climbing so much. Also I initially thought that the nose-up position is not needed, was wrong about this completely. Nose-up/downhill position is amazing and I’m no longer getting my thighs almost punctured by saddle nose, it adds a lot of comfortable support down too.
Takes practice to get used to at catching middle/flat position though.
It also immediately gave me insight that my flat position should actually be adjusted down a bit more.

* price is steep, quality is exceptional though.
* wait time. Minor but annoying anyways.
* now I want it on all my bike$$$$$.

Pros: everything else, it delivers it’s promise 100% or more.

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