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Born on the trails, crafted in a garage, tested on rowdiest dirt on the planet.

Discover SwitchGrade

Developed and refined over 3 years, the patent-pending SwitchGrade(TM) ushers in a new era of innovative and disruptive thinking. Engineered to withstand the world's most demanding terrain, the SwitchGrade was conceived on the fabled North Shore mountains, tested in Whistler, and proven on the slabs of Squamish and loamers of the Fraser Valley. Burly and bold just like the trails found in beautiful British Clumbia, Canada. Patent Pending.

Top 10 Reasons to Use a SwitchGrade

Ok we lied, there's more than 10.

1. Increase power and efficiency when climbing

2. Reduce lower back pain by riding in upright position

3. Reduce groin discomfort and numb sensitive parts

4. Prevent front wheel lifts when climbing

4. Stop sliding off rear of saddle when climbing

6. Increase rear wheel traction when climbing

7. More room to maneuver when descending or jumping

8. Win Enduro Races and Local bragging rights. Tilt down for climbing to save energy, tilt up when descending for more room

9. Taller riders - stop moving further back over the rear axle and slackening effective seat angle

10. Shorter riders - add more clearance between you and your saddle when descending

11. Make slack seat tube angles steeper (when needed) - make older and slack STA bikes better climbers

12. Like having 3 bikes in one - goat climber, hard charging enduro, bikepacking camel at the flick of a switch

13. Fix "bad climbing bike" traits like low anti-squat, outdated suspension design, bobbing, slack STA...








Learn How SwitchGrade Unlocks Your Dropper Post's Super Powers

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